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Graduate of Columbia University. Former Naval Aviator. Former educator at California community colleges. Actor, writer, producer and director of numerous community theater and commercial Hawaii tourism productions. Author of a six mass market book series. The six novels were bought by Curtis Books. (Frank Arrow is the hero of this series.) The Arrow books loosely fall into the hard-boiled detective action-adventure genre. (The first three were published by Curtis Books. They are now out of print, but still available for sale on the internet at most book web sites, including used book web sites.) The other three Arrow books bought by Curtis, however, never saw print, because Curtis suddenly and unexpectedly closed down its paperback publishing operations. This was a management decision based upon unknown factors which came as a disappointing surprise. (On the brighter side, though, one of the Arrow books was published in the Netherlands.) Deptula is also the author of an epic "life" novel intended for hard cover - Title: Obsolete Sins. Also Author of a screenplay (comedy) based upon the hilarious true story of the origin of naked male strippers. Title: THE MAN WHO INVENTED NAKED WAITERS. Plus, he is the author of a stageplay based on the colorful "hippy" years of Waikiki in the 70s - Title: Say Aloha to the Guru, Darling.