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Naked Mistress

Back cover text

The Honolulu mob was planning the biggest heist in Art history -- The Blacker Virgins, a priceless, erotic masterpiece with a history steeped in Satanism. For Arrow, bringing back the goods meant a whopping bundle of insurance money. But when the mobsters got plugged and the painting got scooped, the game got blacker than magic. Suddenly Arrow found himself on a blood-drenched trail that led to heroin, witchcraft and a living masterpiece of sexual delight named Angel Blacker. She was a dead ringer for the girl in the picture... and Arrow was in a hotbed of trouble.

Short excerpt

Stud Pressed the gun to her forehead.

"Spread your legs, sweetmeat."

That was when I moved. He saw me coming and reached for a bronze statuette on the bookcase. He raised it over his head and came down with it. I side-stepped, caught the descending arm with both hands and flipped him. It sent Stud sailing, crashing through a coffee table. I went after him.

"Watch out, Frank!" I heard Angel shout, as he made a grab for the gun. I kicked it away and sent my heel crashing down on his hand. I felt the bones crunch as he screamed in agony.