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The Deathlist of Rico Scalisi

Back cover text

When Big Time mafioso Rico Scalisi got sent up the river, he made a blood-sealed vow to kill every man who'd sent him there. Now Scalisi was back on the streets -- with a death list a mile long and a 300 lb. eunuch to help him with the dirty work. And the first man to be shot was a cop named Arronelli -- Frank Arrow’s father. Suddenly Arrow was winging to New York with a dish named Trinkett and a one-way ticket to a nightmare. Scalisi was spilling more blood than a slaughterhouse butcher and Arrow was the only man tough enough to stop him. But what he didn’t know was that the man who’d shot his father thought he was Arrow’s real father. Could it get worse? It could... and it did.

Short excerpt

Rico Scalisi opened the back door of the Mercedes and leaned inside.

"Hello, Silver," he simply said, a grin of sweet vengeance forming on his face. He raised the gun.

"No!" Silver yelled. The word was still ringing hollowly in his throat when Rico pulled the trigger. Six times. Mercilessly launching one hot slug after another... point blank... into Silver's head. When it was over the white upholstery inside the Mercedes was white no longer.

Rico looked down at what was left of Silver's head.

"So long, counselor. See you in hell."


"Arrow's backstory is richly delivered by author Walter Deptula here... THE DEATH LIST OF RICO SCALISI is a true epic filled with rich characterizations that nicely offset the violent passages, very much like THE GODFATHER."

--Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot
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"Great book"
--Reader who bought the book from gives it a 99% rating, with five stars.