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One New Publisher Will Score Three Additional Arrow Books

Besides the three published Frank Arrow books, there are three other Frank Arrow books that were also bought for publication by Curtis in the 70s, but never went to print. These three still exist to this day in manuscript form. During the time the Arrow books were written, Curtis Books was a venerable publisher of high stature and a subsidiary of CBS, as was another paperback publishing company (Popular Library). After the first three Arrow books had gone to print, and just as the next three Arrow books were about to go to print, the management of CBS made a fateful decision that it did not need two paperback book publishing operations. That decision spelled the unexpected and unfortunate demise of two things - the Curtis Books paperback house itself and the Frank Arrow project with it, all six of the books - the three already in print and the three about to go into print. So, the full total of these six Frank Arrow books remained in a kind of “half in print” and “half not yet in print” limbo. And that is how things have remained, even though the rights to all of these books were remanded to me after the passage of a three year period of their not seeing print. (This is a stereotypical and routine contract provision, I understand, and a fortunate one for writers with good literary representation who verify its inclusion.) Given this background, with the rights returned to me, I have however not aggressively sought another literary agency or publisher to continue writing the series, even with the genre becoming popular again. This was because I had become involved with and committed to the other projects and activities mentioned previously. However, now, without these conflicts, my continuing the series is feasible. A new publisher will be one who will easily see the fortuitous merits in what now exists. An already-made six-book long series in a once more popular genre, with the prospect of adding timely new Arrow books to continue the series!

The unforeseen demise of the Curtis-Frank Arrow project was doubly unfortunate, because there were, and still are, those three books which never went to print, even though they were bought and paid for by Curtis for publication. (The three books were those titled as follows: Million Dollar Snatch, Queen's Gambit, and, in my opinion, the best of all the Frank Arrow books I have ever written, The Silver Phallus. This book could stand on its own merits. It has a historical back story which follows the peregrinations of the valued artifact Arrow is after in the book. This historical back story is well researched and extends from the era of the Egyptian Empire, through the period of Alexander the Great, the Greek and Roman Empires and, winding its way at the end toward Hitler himself as a key character. It intimately depicts Hitler’s death in the bunker and doesn’t stop there. The story continues, following the escape to South America of one of Hitler's key generals, carrying with him the valuable historical artifact that had been in Hitler’s possession. The chapters thereafter mainly follow Arrow's relentless pursuit of the artifact, which by then was in the jungles of South America in the hands of the son of Hitler's leader of the operation for the extermination of all Jews in the Nazi-occupied countries. There is also a final part of the book which is very appropriate and timely to the present current news attention and concern about Middle East happenings, wherein the recovery of the artifact by Arrow finally occurs…and the story ends with a surprise twist to what he does with it.

To conclude, I am now continuing my writing, particularly with revived new attention to these Frank Arrow books, and to other non-Arrow literary pursuits as well, particularly the book titled “Obsolete Sins,” which I think will be my best and most important book, but is one that still needs more work before I can comfortably call it “finished.”