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Wine, Women ... and Death

Back cover text

When Frank Arrow lifted the stolen diamonds from Serrato’s gang, he figured to cash them in for a small fortune in insurance money. Like any other job. But when Lover Boy Leach’s thugs tore up his girl to get to the jewels, he knew he was sitting on something big. Big enough to make his closest friend turn informer. Big enough to get every underworld gun in Honolulu on his back. Too big. It was a tidal wave of treachery -- and if Arrow didn’t move fast, he’d be swept away on a bloody tide of blackmail, sadism ... and murder.

Short excerpt

I shoved the gun hard in his ribs and led him to the shark's pool.

"Mr. Livermore, meet Aku." I threw the blood-wet rug into Aku's pool. "Now get in the water."

"I won't! I won't do it."

"If you jump, it's only the shark. If you don't jump, you get a couple of hot bullets in your gut first, then the shark."

He panicked. He started to run. The edge of the pool was wet. He slipped and lost his balance. His eyes widened in terror as he realized he was falling.

He screamed as he went in. Aku came around, his mouth gaping open. I could see the rows of teeth. I turned and walked away as Aku went in for the kill.