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Join the party! The Frank Arrow party. Meet the man! And if you haven't met him yet, you're in for a real treat. So, why not start with a personal introduction at our special Treat Table here, featuring three tasty action-adventure Arrow episodes, each one a sample treat guaranteed to bring you back for more...and more...and more...
Arrow Treats, Like THESE !
- Wine, Women...and Death!
- Naked Mistress
- The Death List of Rico Scalisi

Wine, Women ... and Death

"He had hot jewels and broads on his hands and every cold killer in Hawaii on his tail. Meet rich, smooth Frank Arrow. He plays nasty."

Naked Mistress

When the full moon of Rascha is out, as I sit there sipping a wine cooler, looking at the nude painting of her, listening to the sounds of Hawaii outside, the rolling surf and the whispering trades... I remember.

And I can almost hear her again.



In the beauty of her nakedness.

"... Frank... oh, Frank... please, Frank... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me... "

The Deathlist of Rico Scalisi

In the Bible it says, "Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord. But the story of Rico Scalisi is the story of a man filled with wrath and rage, who, if he could, would change that Bible passage to read "Vengeance is MINE!" saith Rico Scalisi. And he was out to prove it. At least to the scurvy crew of rats who framed him and sent him up the river for a long time. Long enough for him to fill himself with enough hate to fuel what he would do when when he could finally be free. Free to even a big score that had taken more than just his life away.

Three Additional Frank Arrow Books For One New Publisher

There are three other Frank Arrow books that were bought for publication by Curtis Books. At the time, Curtis Books, a venerable publisher of high stature, was a subsidiary of CBS, as was another paperback publishing company (Popular Library). For some reason, in the midst of building a campaign for an envisioned Frank Arrow paperback crime-adventure with Arrow as a hard-boiled action hero, and just as the next three books were to go to print, the management of CBS apparently decided it did not need two paperback book publishing operations. The Curtis Books paperback operation was shut down. The rights to my books, by the provisions in my contract, were remanded back to me after a period of three years without going into print.
This was unfortunate, because there were, and still are, the three other manuscripts, which were titled as follows: Million Dollar Snatch, Queen's Gambit, and, in my opinion, the best of all the Frank Arrow books I have ever written, The Silver Phallus. This book has a historical back story which follows the peregrinations of the valued artifact Arrow is after in the book. This historical back story is well researched and extends from the era of the Egyptian Empire, through the period of Alexander the Great, the Greek and Roman Empires and, finally, with Hitler himself as a key character, the Nazi era, through to Hitler's death in the bunker and the escape flight to South America of one of Hitler's key generals. The chapters of the back story alternate with the chapters that follow Arrow's relentless pursuit of the artifact then in South America the hands of the son of the head of Hitler's campaign to kill all Jews in conquered countries. There is also a final episode which is very appropriately timely to the present attention and concern about Middle East happenings, wherein the recovery of the artifact by Arrow finally happens and the book ends with a surprise twist to what he does with it.
I am now continuing my writing, particularly with attention to more Arrow books, but other literary pursuits as well.